FabLab Sunderland

What will you make?

FabLab Sunderland is part of a global network of digital fabrication spaces that provide 3D printers, laser cutters, vinyl cutters and a CNC router.

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Learn. Make. Share.

You can make (almost) anything in a FabLab!

The idea was conceived by renowned inventor and scientist Professor Neil Gershenfeld at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). His idea was a simple one: to provide the environment, skills, advanced materials...

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So what will you make?

Make a business?

FabLab Sunderland can help you start or expand your business by offering you a platform for problem-solving and ‘out of the box’ thinking. It can also provide a fantastic place for team-building activities, or if you wish, the option to sponsor a Fab Day for someone else.

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Make a future?

FabLab Sunderland can encourage a making culture at any age! You don’t have to have any previous experience, just an enthusiasm for learning and an inquisitive nature about how things work.

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Make your fortune?

Have you had a light bulb moment? Do you have an idea you need to develop into a prototype to take to an investor? The FabLab provides access to the best contemporary technologies, the resources of a worldwide FabLab network, as well as, the University of Sunderland’s own design and manufacturing experts.

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Make your day?

We will offer inductions, open days, workshops, hack days, family days and training days. All you need to bring is an open mind and we will show you that being in a fabrication laboratory is great fun!

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Be part of the

Fablab Movement


You’re all welcome, innovator, thinker, designer, or weekend warrior.

Walk in with an idea in your head, walk out with an idea in your hand.

In a FabLab everyone has the power to turn their ideas and concepts into a reality.

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