FabLab Sunderland is an amazing resource for those who want to test their creativity, stretch their imagination and prove their ideas can work. With its high tech equipment and high quality support staff it will allow new products to be prototyped and new processes to be tried. It will be a place where smart people can ‘invent the future.

Paul Callagahan

Fab Lab Sunderland played a vital role in the success of the INVENTORS! project. Not only for their enthusiasm to support and inspire young people, but in their technical skills and facilities they brought to the project. FAB LAB Sunderland enables people of all ages and all backgrounds to bring their ideas to life. It will play an important role in the City of Sunderland’s creative future, helping to support the many local people, who want to create, innovate and invent.

Dominic Wilcox works between the worlds of art, design, craft and technology to create innovative and thought provoking objects. He is an artist, designer, inventor and ‘thinkeruper’ who works within the territory of the ‘everyday’.

The FabLab in Sunderland is a great idea – it provides the opportunity to turn concepts into creations for a variety of individuals and businesses. It empowers them to be experimental with ideas and innovation by exploring the relationship between the digital and physical world. It is accessible by all parts of our community and will provide exceptional educational experiences to help support the growth of the tech and creative sectors in the North East. We are very fortunate to have this facility in the North East.

Bob Paton – Dynamo (North East IT Network)

FabLab Sunderland, based on the University of Sunderland’s City Campus, is a fabulous resource for makers and creatives in the North East. A brilliant, flexible space with great equipment and an extremely skilled and knowledgeable team. The FabLab played a fundamental part in making Inventors! a success.

Rebecca Ball – Project Director, The Cultural Spring

The Fab Lab is a real gem in the North East crown. FabLab Sunderland is helping inspire a new generation to design, develop and create innovative goods and products. Using real life challenges and examples is ensuring that children from across the region are tackling some of the regions knottiest problems.

Simon Hanson – Federation of Small Businesses

The FabLab represents everything that’s great about Sunderland today – innovation, enterprise, opportunity and all made available by the most approachable, knowledgeable and can-do set of staff you’ll meet anywhere in the country.

Mark Murray – MAKE it Sunderland

The New Fab Lab in Sunderland offers a unique education experience for students studying science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), their programmes will introduce new methodologies which provide teachers with the training and tools they need create a unique learning experience that can be transferred back to the classroom.

Carol Harrison – STEM Ambassador Manager

FabLab Sunderland provides a creative and explorative environment that will suit a range of learning styles. Young people can explore, share and develop their ideas on a practical level from the initial stages through experimental design to an end product. A great place to learn and discover!

Jacqui Thompson – Gateshead Central Library

I’m a primarily a full-time Mum and secondly a traditional, ‘drawing on paper’ artist with no manufacturing experience. I never expected to actually want to or enjoy making real world ‘things’ but after discovering the delights of the FabLab, I do now. The FabLab is full of amazing machines that you can use, with help from the friendly staff, to literally make your ideas come to life.

Claire O’Brien – Picture Book Author and Illustrator

The FabLab is the best thing to open in Sunderland in years. Lovely staff and a great variety of equipment to learn how to use.

Ashley Bell – FabLab Maker

FabLab Sunderland is absolutely amazing! Truly lovely staff and a brilliant range of workshops and activities. So thrilled to have a FabLab in Sunderland.

Heather Yemm – FabLab Maker

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