You can be one of us!

Individual FabLab users will need to book on induction and Learn2 sessions to complete their membership passport at a cost of £20 inc VAT. Then they will be ready to hire machines and get making, you only pay for the time and materials you use on a ‘Pay as you Make’ approach.

If you are definitely up for it, please keep an eye out for induction events and workshops. We find that coming to a workshop and experiencing FabLab will give you an idea of whether you want to become a member.

To become a member of the FabLab, there are a couple of rules, such as:

Attending Induction and Health & Safety – these will be running throughout the week at set times and provide you with the basic knowledge of FabLab machines and what bits to avoid while being in the Lab.

Cleanliness – please always consider what you leave for the next person to find. Keep everything in order and, if you borrow something, always return it to the same place.

Preparation – always come in prepared with your file. You will be given basic training in your How to session for each machine, however please note that if you have time booked on the machine, setting up the file will be within that time. To get the best money’s worth, please make sure to prepare the file before you come in for your booking.

Consideration to others – please respect others who are in the FabLab and please make sure that you leave the area where you have worked ready. If you notice a fault, or someone not adhering to others, please make sure to report it to our Technicians.



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